Our Vision

At AIM 4 THE CLOUD Inc, our aim is to become a global leader in cloud based office solutions.

By offering non-profit and small businesses access to enterprise level support and tools, we allow them the freedom to focus on achieving their unique vision and goals, without any of the stress and worry that comes from the technology driving them – All of which, at a fraction of the cost.

Our clients’ individual needs have always been our company’s primary focus. As such, we offer them access to our professional consultation services to ensure their needs are met through the solutions we provide.

Our Mission

At AIM 4 THE CLOUD Inc, we believe in the Open Source movement.

By utilizing a combination of accessible software within a cloud based environment, we can provide a cost effective solution that non-profits and small businesses alike can effectively manage their day-to-day office tools, from virtually anywhere in the world.

Services such as their phone, company e-mail and inner office file sharing, among others.

In 2015, we took measures to establish an international footprint, by expanding our versatile cloud software as far as France. We’ve also projected even further growth, by forming partnerships with various local and international vendors within the amateur sports market. Thus allowing national sports federations, the ability to travel internationally to the sporting events of their choosing, confidently and with peace of mind.

All courtesy, of our unique approach to cloud based office management.