Our flagship product in MukMuk Cloud Service Ltd. Provides all our clients with a secure and always on environment. We’ve found a way to combine several cloud based technologies to offer what we call a true Global Voice Solution. All our clients voice communications to and from their devices are encrypted, this includes the call origination information.

Key feature of Global Voice Solution is that it is “Global”, when our clients travel so does the service.  Our voice solution is a true cloud service, not only is it usable globally but the service will automatically register your device to the closest datacenter our voice solution is in, minimizing call latency in some cases by seconds.

The quality of the call is important to us; thus, we’ve implemented solutions we can offer our clients that provides the highest possible call quality while using the least amount of bandwidth. Allowing in most cases our clients to make calls in environments such as hotels and coffee shops where bandwidth is limited.

As with reality there is always more than one cloud in the sky. We take this concept seriously and have built out a redundant and high-available environment so if one of the clouds unexpectedly fades, there will be another one to take its place.

A common question we get from our clients in the discovery phase for the Global Voice Solution is; what equipment do we need in our office? The answer is simple, unlike expensive telco solutions there is no need for any additional equipment to be installed on site other than the handsets themselves, as this is a managed cloud service. Though in some cases we recommend a separate internet connect to split high traffic environments from the phone environment.

So what are the features of our Global Voice Solution ask, well we offer all the service you would expect from a traditional provider including everyone favorite on-hold music, and some enhanced options as outlined below;

  • Enhanced Voicemail: Giving our clients the ability to not only have the standard voice mailbox, but the ability to receive your voicemail through email and that is not all, maybe you want to give the caller the option to be redirected to your Executive Assistant to take a message on your behalf.
  • Caller ID: Knowing who called you before picking up is important, but knowing who called you while you were out even if they didn’t leave a voicemail is better. Have your missed called with their Caller ID emailed to you, keeping you in the know without having to come into the office!
  • Call Forwarding:  In a meeting or on the other line? Have your calls redirected based on your handset state. So, when that important call comes in while you are in a meeting your executive assistant can respond for you!
  • Find-Me / Follow-Me: Don’t want to have that softphone client active in the background of your smartphone, no problem enable find-me/follow-me and have the system direct calls directly to your cell phone at the same time as ringing your desk phone.
  • FAX Capabilities: Send and Receive faxes directly through the PBX and better yet on the same number used for your voice calls. No longer do you need to have a separate number just for receiving faxes- Also when you receive a fax has it sent directly to your email.
  • Call Queues: Have teams of people such as sales that you would like a call be routed to, set up a call queue for them and it will ring all available agents so that a sales call never gets missed again.
  • Company Interactive Menu / Digital Receptionist: Have you caller be routed to the right person by having them select what they are calling about beforehand.  Provide your own custom greetings and recordings to help guide your clients through the right path.
  • Talk with our sales team to get a full comprehensive list of features!

We want to ensure you have the best possible setup with our “Global Voice Solution” so we work together with our clients to understand their environment and requirements, and we are here to consult with them after they active their services. We as a provider care each of our clients and want to ensure they succeed, because if they succeed, so do we!

For more information about the “Global Voice Solution” please email support@mukmuk.ca.

We look forward to working with you!